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Milka Mira Grčić was born 21 June 1961 in Croatia in a place called Djevrske. Poetry has been a passion for Milka her whole life and she writes at every opportunity.

Milka has now been living in Adelaide, Australia for the past seventeen years and much of her inspiration has been contributed by her current home town.

Books published by Milka:

  1. Zanos Sumraka - 2016
  2. Sunce U Očima (Sun in the Eyes) - 2017
  3. Na Rukohvatu Svjetlosti - 2019
  4. Svjetlošću Bojim Dane - 2023
Milka has also written numerous other poems which she has shared on her Facebook page as well as in a number of international publications.

Milka’s poems continue to demonstrate her passionate love for family, friendship, life, nature, her place of birth, the world and the beautiful features of her Australian homeland.

Milka’s poems have been inspired by golden sunsets, blue skies, amazing sunrises and sandy beaches and this is reflected in the positive messages that the poems convey.

The poems remind us that it is the simple things that bring peace to our minds and soul.

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